Ekskluzivno objavljamo intervju z Dennisom iz skupine Esperanza, ki jo označujejo za heavy metal Pink Floydov. Ker je band internacionalno obarvam, vam tokrat ponujamo intervju v angleščini, ki je več kot vreden branja, album pa poslušanja!

Metal band EZPERANZA from Germany (also members from Bali, Australia and Poland) just released an extraordinary album named „Dark Side of the Mall“ with a 28-page-picture booklet. It seems to be concept album but the real concept is hidden in the photo story. I scheduled an interview with drummer and mastermind Dennis Rowehl to find out more about the album, the concept and sexy videos.

: Hi Dennis, you just released your album „Dark Side of the Mall“ where you combined 70s-Rock, Modern Metal, Sleaze Rock, Psychedelic and even a little bit Death Metal combined with a 28-page-booklet. I haven’t seen such a booklet yet. It’s amazing! What’s behind the whole idea?

Dennis: Once I had the idea of creating something really special and different … and also personal. I wrote all songs and found my perfect musical mate Leo and we started recording. At the end Jacek added the vocals. After the recordings were done I scheduled all the photo shootings and did 90% of the photos myself except the pics taken by me (Laughing). These times are totally crazy …. terror, insanity, greedy politicians etc. …. well I wrote the album more than two years ago with an anticipation of what’s happening right now …. it’s weird! „Dark Side of the Mall“ is like a real movie of different aspects from different point of views, it’s not a political album but it deals with social issues …. drugs, tax payers who are left behind by the government, war, drawing lines and much more.

: Who are your musical inspirations?

Dennis: I grew up in the 80s, love classic 70s-Rock but also modern stuff. I love the spirit of the 80s with crazy parties, sing-along Hard Rock and cool videos with stunning ladies (laughing). I like different kind of Metal and Rock but also pop music as long as it’s great.

: There’s no current photo of the band, right?

Dennis: (laughing) You’re right …. we all play a role. We all appear in the booklet playing a certain character …. but we’re gonna have a photo shoot next year. Maybe it’s the plan to surprise … you know … people look at you and have a certain expectation. So, EZPERANZA … well … is different … no band pic yet!

: … like your first video „Sounds of the Nite“? Three lovely ladies pretend to be Ezperanza …

Dennis: Absolutely. It was fun doing the video and all the girls have been really, really awesome. I like doing videos and next year we’re gonna do at least 2 more videos for the album. Besides …some people really thought they were Ezperanza.

: Do you have any intentions to play live?

Dennis: Not yet. But if some festival promoters come knocking on my door, I’m open-minded!

: Some pictures of the booklet remind me a little bit of Pink Floyd …

Dennis: Yeah, you’re right …. Floyd inspired me in a certain way … not musically but concerning the artwork.

: Let’s get back to your first video. Three hot ladies in an EDM-style posing to Metal …. it’s sexy but also a little confusing …

Dennis: I hope so …. the world need more humor, more style, more sex appeal, more fun …. we’ve got the right to be awesome! I don’t get it …. wars for religion, money, submission … why taking everything that seriously? We need the right t be awesome, that’s it!

: Do you have any expectations regarding „Dark Side of the Mall“?

Dennis: Not really. It took me 2,5 years and I’m really, really proud of it! The songs, the whole process and production and also the whole artwork. I hope lots of people will take notice of it cause „Dark Side of the Mall“ really deserves it. I appreciate the support of the band and all models who helped me realizing this album including the booklet. And next year we’ll produce 2 or 3 videos to promote the album. It’s always exciting writing and realizing new concepts. Check out our music and videos!

:Thank you, Dennis

 Dennis: You’re welcome … my pleasure.